Charming town with a rich history as the birthplace of California’s wine country.


A charming town with a rich history as the birthplace of California’s wine country.


The gorgeous and historic community of Sonoma is considered the birthplace of California’s wine industry, with production here dating back two centuries. The modern town of Sonoma is centered around its historic Plaza, with numerous buildings still standing from the Mexican colonial period. Dubbed both ‘The Plaza’ and ‘The Square’ by locals, Sonoma’s centerpiece spans an incredible eight acres, making it the largest central public space in California.

Sonoma has a unique place in the history of America. It was actually in Sonoma where the California state flag, with the famous image of the bear, was born as a symbol of resistance during the period when Southern California was a part of Mexico. The town boasts numerous reminders of its rich history, including the Bear Flag Monument, a statue of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, and the Mission San Francisco Solano.

Within a short drive of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the county of Sonoma contains hundreds of vineyards, 50 regional parks, and endless breathtaking scenery. The town of Sonoma is the gateway to this astonishing region and one of the highlights of California’s world-renowned wine country.


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More than 400 wineries exist within Sonoma County, ensuring its legacy as the birthplace of California’s now world-famous wine industry. Sonoma Town is the perfect place to sample these exquisite wines, with numerous wine tasting rooms situated within the town itself, and countless vineyards lying a short drive away.

The area surrounding Sonoma’s Plaza encapsulates the town’s enticing blend of history and modernity, with fantastic shops and restaurants nestled among its historic buildings. Restaurants surrounding Sonoma’s Plaza include a variety of wonderful international cuisine and exquisitely-prepared and locally-sourced farm-to-table fare.


Sonoma’s luxury real estate is as diverse as the region’s geography and wine production. From minimalistic contemporary homes with understated elegance to charming rustic homes with grounds replete with vineyards, there is something unmistakably Californian about the laidback luxury of Sonoma homes.

Outdoor pools and gardens define these ideal properties, and their spacious exteriors offer views of the gently rolling surrounding hillsides. Sonoma is the perfect place to relax and escape the pressures of modern life.


Wine is everywhere in this historic community. Highway 12 Vineyards & Winery is one example. It’s located inside a home accessories boutique that provides shoppers with the chance to sample Carderos Chardonnay while browsing through unique home decorations.

The pace of life here is slow, providing the perfect counterpoint to the bustle of nearby San Francisco. Sonoma is a place to enjoy life and take it easy.

Residents here enjoy a location that is perfectly positioned between the immense urban excitement of downtown San Francisco and the relaxation of Sonoma County’s sprawling countryside. Nowhere else could a short drive take you to the heart of a major metropolis in one direction and the depths of a towering Redwood forest in the other. There is something magical and enchanting about Sonoma that make it a perfect place to call home.

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