Small town situated near the summit of Howell Mountain, known for impressive views and incredible wine.


A small town situated near the summit of Howell Mountain, known for impressive views and incredible wine.


Nestled high above the Napa Valley fog near the summit of Howell Mountain, the small town of Angwin has a magical quality that finds expression in its world-famous wine. Angwin’s residents enjoy the peace and tranquility of true Napa Valley seclusion, with commanding panoramic views over the vineyards rising up the hills and mountains below.

Angwin is bisected by a crossroads, with the Pacific Union College and a small shopping center sitting on either side of it. While this community offers a splendid sense of above-it-all isolation, there is no shortage of wineries, with Angwin’s elevated appellation producing some of the most remarkably flavorful wines in the world.


While California’s year-round sunshine is tempered by fog throughout most of Napa Valley’s viticultural areas, Angwin’s 1800-foot appellation exposes its grapes to a unique combination of cool mountain air and unfiltered sunshine. While sandy or loamy soil characterizes much of Napa Valley, the Angwin appellation grapes are forced to root deeply through rocky mountainous soil in search of water. The resulting grapes produce wine renowned for its intensity and deep, complex flavors.

Two of the best places to sample the famous local produce are Burgess Cellars and CADE. Burgess Cellars boasts some of the best views in the region, with a sweeping panorama that covers the entirety of Napa Valley and the Mayacamas mountain range. CADE is at the cutting-edge of modern wine production. CADE’s state-of-the-art facilities produce four distinctive Howell Mountain wines, with a heavy emphasis on sustainable and environmentally-friendly production techniques.


Angwin's homes atop Howell Mountain enjoy unbeatable views across the picturesque countryside. Angwin's vineyard estates can also incorporate a range of distinctive architectural styles, from stunning contemporary designs to classic Californian Mission and Tuscan-influenced properties.

Angwin real estate nestled within this idyllic mountaintop setting provides an unmatched and incredible sense of peace and tranquility. The grounds of these gorgeous properties resonate an ambiance comparable to that of a resort or mountain retreat, with sun-kissed swimming pools, and beautifully curated gardens that overlook the Napa Valley wine country.


Angwin’s above-it-all location attracts those seeking the ultimate in Napa Valley peace and seclusion. While there are just a handful of winery businesses situated within the town itself, the plentiful attractions of Napa Valley’s larger communities are no more than a few minute's drive away. And wine-lovers will be spoiled for choice in a small town boasting no fewer than 18 wineries.

Those seeking a place to escape the pressures of modern life will find much to love about Angwin. Hiking trails wind through the lush mature tree cover of Howell Mountain as they meander through groves of towering manzanitas, oaks, pines, and redwoods. Each clearing provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

For those seeking to make the most of Angwin’s opportunities for outdoor recreation, races are regularly organized across the rugged trail running from Angwin to nearby Anguish Hill. These races range from challenging half-marathons to more laidback family-centered events, all organized by the local Pacific Union College.
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