Visiting Napa Wineries in the Winter: What You Should Know

Visiting Napa Wineries in the Winter: What You Should Know


Here’s Why You Should Consider Visiting the Wineries of Napa in the Offseason.

Like any fine wine, Napa Valley in the winter is a truly sensory experience, and one to be savored slowly—never rushed. If you ask us, winter is one of the best times to tour Napa Valley. Why? In the winter months (November through early March), Napa Valley is like a different place. The vineyards are quieter, and the village squares are less crowded. This peaceful season is the perfect time to visit Napa Valley, allowing you to truly appreciate all that it has to offer. 
Here are five things you should know about visiting Napa Valley in the winter. 

You Can Dodge the Crowds

While we feel that this is the most obvious perk to traveling anywhere in the offseason, it is still worth mentioning. And, what’s more, visiting Napa Valley in the winter will also give your wallet a big break. Not only are flights and accommodations more affordable in the winter, but many of the local wineries offer off-season discounts as well. You’ll have no trouble landing a spot at some of the valley’s best events that otherwise fill up quickly, and smaller crowds allow you to really take your time and enjoy each winery. 

Winter Is Cabernet Season

Winter means cool weather and hearty meals, both of which pair perfectly with a nice, heavy cabernet. Did you know that winter is actually cabernet season? To celebrate, Napa Valley features unique winter festivals, events, and promotions—all designed to have you seeing red (in the best way possible, of course). 

You Can Get a Winter Wine Passport

If you’re like us and love collecting stamps in your passport, this is perfect for you. The Calistoga Winter Passport is perfect for giving off-season visitors a little extra incentive to head north. Major discounts are involved, offering 50% off various services, including accommodations, wine tastings, and even spa treatments. In fact, at many of the local wineries, wine tastings are completely free. Using your passport will also help you score additional discounts at local stores and restaurants. 

Your Wine Won’t Overheat 

It’s no secret that wine can easily be ruined if stored in conditions that are too hot. If you’ll be driving or flying home with your wine, or even if you’ll be shipping it to your house, the summer climate and heat can be a real problem for storing and moving wine. By visiting in the winter, you won’t have to worry about all of those bottles getting hot and going to waste. 

The Natural Beauty of the Season Can’t Be Beat

Everyone from wine enthusiasts to shutterbugs will enjoy taking in the sites of Napa Valley in the winter. In fact, anyone who loves natural beauty can find plenty of it in winter wine country. Whether it’s the unmatched glow of holiday lights or the dramatic skyline created by the mountains, the quiet of winter is the perfect time to take in the sights and scenery. 
Although Napa is one of the best places in the world to wine and dine, the city has so much more to offer. If you’re interested in calling Napa Valley home, I would love to show you more area gems. Feel free to reach out to learn more and find Napa real estate here. 

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