Top Private Schools in Napa Valley

Top Private Schools in Napa Valley


Located just north of San Francisco, Napa Valley is a highly sought-after area in northern California. Known for its stunning hillside vineyards, gourmet food and wine, and upscale accommodations, it’s truly a magical place to live. 

​​​​​​​Many people don’t realize that Napa Valley is also home to some of California’s best schools. If you’re interested in sending your child or children to a private school in Napa Valley, there are plenty of options where they are sure to thrive. Read on to learn more about these fantastic educational opportunities!

Credit: Blue Oak School

The Blue Oak School is a top private school serving students from kindergarten through 8th grade. According to their website, this progressive day school is “committed to offering an educational program that nurtures a love of learning in all of our children whether they are a five-year-old in our kindergarten program or an eighth grader heading off to high school.” 

​​​​​​​The school is relatively new to Napa Valley. In 2002, two families founded Blue Oak to create an environment where students would be encouraged to grow and learn. Blue Oak emphasizes the Importance of Play, encouraging students to spend time outdoors on the playground during recess. The school also prioritizes Building and Making; Middle School students can use woodworking tools and design objects on 3D printers! Your kids will love this high-energy classroom experience, getting to work with their hands and hone new skills.

Blue Oak students can participate in various after-school classes, including music instruction in guitar, bass guitar, drums, and piano. They can also choose to play volleyball, basketball, or track and field; athletics at Blue Oak are offered through the Catholic Sports League, which comprises ten Napa Valley private schools. Overall, Blue Oak School is ideal for students who respond well to an independent, exploratory approach. 


Since 1949, the Napa Christian Campus of Education has served students from elementary through high school. Today, it remains dedicated to providing a “safe, engaging, and spiritually enriching campus environment that supports lifelong learning.” 

​​​​​​​The school emphasizes hands-on learning and aims to educate the whole person. This means helping students establish and understand their learning experiences, relationships with God, and importance in their communities. If you hope to find a place for your child to continue their religious education, the Napa Christian Campus of Education will be a great fit; all students participate in a school-wide chapel each Friday and are sorted into “family groups” made up of students between grades kindergarten through 12th. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to come together and make new friends of all ages.

Napa Christian students can also participate in various community outreach programs to learn the importance of giving back. Each year, older students can attend Mission trips during spring break; past trips have included an orphanage in Arizona where students repaired a home and taught Vacation Bible School to children in residence, and to Puerto Rico to assist in post-hurricane recovery.


The Oxbow School is one of the more unique options for students in Napa. This single-semester arts school serves high school juniors and seniors who can choose to attend during either their fall or spring semesters. 

​​​​​​​Oxbow is committed to academic excellence and providing students with a solid foundation in the arts. In addition to honors-level academic courses, elective language courses, and physical education, students also hone in on one (or some) of the many studio art courses: painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, design, and new media. The mission at Oxbow? To help students “develop a stronger sense of identity, self-worth, and the confidence to embrace the responsibility for their learning and lives.” 

Credit: The Oxbow School


Serving grades 9-12, Justin-Siena High School is an acclaimed Roman Catholic institution in the Lasallian tradition. Their goal is to provide exceptional education based in Christ-loving and giving back to the community. Since 1966, Justin-Siena has helped students become the best version of themselves, thanks to their “ALLHEART” mentality. Being “ALLHEART” means making the most of what one has while also being a selfless, action-oriented community member. 

​​​​​​​Justin-Siena offers a range of acclaimed courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, and World Languages. Students can also partake in a range of community engagement activities, like retreats, class council, and service opportunities. Justin-Siena provides the best Roman Catholic education in Napa.


For young children, there’s Hopper Creek Montessori. Since the late 70s, Hopper Creek has been helping mold young students into future students and leaders. The school is dedicated to helping students develop socially, emotionally, developmentally, academically and physically, and encourages parents to participate in their community actively. 

​​​​​​​The Montessori approach is hands-on and aimed at helping students develop baseline confidence in themselves as people and learners. Hopper Creek is run by a highly qualified, diverse staff of early childhood development experts.


For families who enjoy the Montessori approach, there’s Sunrise Montessori of Napa Valley, a private school serving both preschoolers and elementary-age students. Since 1978, the Sunrise staff has created a challenging, safe, and rewarding environment for students while providing top-notch educational and experiential learning. 

​​​​​​​The school balances “high academic standards” with fine arts, music, physical activity, foreign language, and spiritual growth. It’s an excellent school for independently-minded students. 


In partnership with the Napa Valley Unified School District, A.D.A.P.T. is dedicated to helping special education students safely graduate from high school. It’s the top school in the county for high school students with Individual Education Plans. 

​​​​​​​The school provides crisis intervention, behavior management, psychiatry, social and independent living skills support, and 24-hour emergency assistance for both students and their families. At A.D.A.P.T, the faculty emphasizes a client-centered approach that puts excellence, diversity, and collaboration above all else. Their goal is to “improve lives and create bright futures for people we serve by providing professional mental health, child welfare, and support services in a manner that respects the dignity and individuality of each person.” 


Credit: Veritas Christian Academy

For an extremely small, personalized learning experience, there’s Veritas Christian Academy. Founded in 1988, Veritas provides a challenging academic experience based in Christian values. The school serves students from preschool through middle school and provides a stimulating, interactive experience at all levels. 

​​​​​​​Students take a range of high-level academic courses and engage in community service and mentoring programs. For middle schoolers, a typical course load includes core subjects like language arts, math, science, history, Bible, physical education, and co-curricular classes like Spanish, music, art, and drama. Students are encouraged to do community service, play on sports teams, run for student government, and participate in fun and educational field trips. Admission is highly competitive, so families are encouraged to apply early. 


Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep serves students from Pre-K-12 and is based in a classically Catholic educational model. Students are encouraged to think critically, communicate effectively and embrace the challenges of modern culture. The school also emphasizes prayer, the Sacraments, and acts of service on top of providing an excellent education. Courses include History, Latin, Literature, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Spanish, and Theology. The goal of Kolbe is to educate the whole person.

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