5 Luxury Home Amenities Napa Valley Buyers Want

5 Luxury Home Amenities Napa Valley Buyers Want


From High-tech Systems to Premier Entertainment Spaces, Find Out What Napa Valley Buyers Are Looking for

The Napa Valley real estate market can be challenging. The competition is fierce, and making sure your home stands out above the crowd is a must. While there are many ways to make your property shine, from upgrading the landscaping to interior remodeling, one surefire way to get buyers to bid is to make sure you have the luxury amenities they want. Here are the five luxury home amenities for which Napa Valley buyers are looking.

Wine and Tasting Rooms

Napa Valley is at the center of the California wine scene, and wine and tasting rooms are a must-have amenity for any home in the Napa Valley. Wine rooms are on the rise, and no longer are they relegated to the cellar; in fact, they have become a focal point for entertaining and design. Napa Valley buyers are looking to pair a tasting room with local wines from some of the world’s best wineries. If you have an exceptional wine and tasting room, you’ll have buyers lining up. 

High-Tech Everything

These days, everything can be connected, and that’s a major draw for buyers. Home automation systems make security, climate, lighting, and entertainment controls accessible at the push of a button or the sound of your voice. 

Green technology is on the rise as well. New solar technology can be built into the roof, and high-tech irrigation systems and electric charging stations can be built into the garage. 

Home Theater

Buyers want more than just any old entertainment room--they want a home entertainment experience. People are looking to enjoy the perks of the big screen without having to endure the crowds of the theater. Stadium-style seating, mood lighting, and a big screen will go a long way in grabbing a buyer’s attention.

Showroom Garage

You definitely don’t want a lack of parking space to be the dealbreaker for your property. These days, buyer’s don’t just want a place to park their luxury vehicles--they’re looking for a place to store and show off their toys. By turning your garage into a space for buyers to display their favorite vehicles, you’ll greatly increase your visibility to buyers.

Outdoor Living

One of the greatest things about Napa is the beauty of the natural world. Bringing the glory of the outdoors into the home is what buyers are looking for. Display the grandeur of wine country with an outdoor living room or kitchen. Showcase a beautiful patio or outdoor dining area, and make your Napa Valley property stand out.

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