5 Home Decor Tips to Get Your Property Ready for the Holidays

5 Home Decor Tips to Get Your Property Ready for the Holidays


How to Prepare Your Home for the Most Festive Time of the Year

The holidays are a time to gather with family, friends, and loved ones to celebrate the season over great food, drinks, and conversation, and there’s no better way to enhance this special time than with cheerful decor. While the holiday season can feel overwhelming, decorating your home for it doesn’t have to be. Here are some quick and simple tips to help prepare your property for the festivities.

Use an Existing Palette

Basing your holiday decor on hues that are already incorporated into your home’s furnishings is the easiest place to start. An elegant palette of beiges and whites can be complemented by punchier elements like a colorful wreath, garland dotted with red berries, and bowls or vases of faux sugared cranberry fillers. Rooms with colorful or loud paints, fabrics, or furniture can be offset by simple holiday decor like evergreen boughs and lights, including pillar candles of varying heights, string bulbs, and glass balls or ornaments. Drawing inspiration from existing interior design helps the holiday decor blend in more seamlessly and create a cozier feeling throughout your home.

Turn to the Tabletop

Festive tableware is a simple way to instantly transform your kitchen, dining room, or breakfast nook into a holiday haven. Whether you want to invest in holiday-themed china or switch it up every year with new pieces, anything from plates to serving trays, platters to coffee cups, and table runners to napkins can transform a tablescape from ordinary to cheery. 

Incorporate Candy

Add a playful touch to the holidays by decorating with candy. Hanging candy canes from ribbon or twine on your tree, among tinsel, or even on a banister can add a whimsical feel to your decor and even make it interactive, encouraging those around you to indulge their sweet tooth.

Pick Poinsettias

With a rich combination of red and green and the ability to fill a space with life, poinsettias are a great way to incorporate live plants and festive cheer into your home. Flank the fireplace or entryway, place by a windowsill in the living room or bedrooms, or even keep one on the kitchen countertop as a centerpiece. No matter where you place them, poinsettia plants are guaranteed to liven up any space.

Festive Fragrances

Incorporating holiday scents into your home is another simple and inexpensive way to fill rooms with a festive feel. Light scented candles, keep cinnamon sticks around in glass jars, or even DIY pomanders—oranges studded with cloves—to transform spaces into comforting holiday retreats.
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